Classic/Vintage Car Restoration

Car Restoration Experts in Dubai

Are you looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy team to look after your classic car repair or restoration?

Then you’d be well advised to come and see us here at AAA Service Center.

From recovery and transportation of your vehicle through any conceivable repair or servicing job, to a complete renovation/restoration, we have the expertise and equipment to give your classic model the attention it deserves.

Regardless of the fact we’re widely known as Land Rover specialists, the spectrum of manufacturers and models we’ve worked on and restored over the years is astonishing. Our expert and experienced team of Managers, Supervisors & technicians are dedicated enthusiasts who will treat your cherished automobile as though it were their own.

With a total of sixty years’ industry experience across our management team, supervisors and technicians, we have the knowledge and skill to look after older vehicles as well as we would any brand-new car.

Many customers entrust AAA Service Center to carry out complete restorations, involving a complete strip down to bare metal, then rebuilding from scratch, inspecting then repairing or replacing every component on the way. We have the in-house mechanical and electrical knowledge to tackle any problem that we come across and the equipment to repair or modify any body part required.

Accuracy is important too – using the right parts and techniques to restore vehicles as close as possible to the standard and quality of the day they were first built.

You can also avail yourself of our skills for mechanical or electrical repairs – it doesn’t have to be a complete restoration project. The same goes for bodywork – we have the tooling and equipment to accurately repair bodywork of all types to recognized international standards.

Once we’ve finished fixing any problems with bodywork, whether it’s from rust or accident damage, renovated classics are put through our temperature-controlled spray-painting oven at our main service center in Rashidya. This means your cherished classic will receive the best, most professional finish possible.

At AAA Service Center, we’ve been renovating and restoring a wide range of cars, from veteran, vintage and classics for many years. Isn’t it time you treated your classic car to the best?

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