Customising your Land Rover

Customising your Land Rover

Land Rovers are renowned all over the world for their durability and elegance. There are few brands which can match Land Rover for design aesthetic and functionality. But sometimes buyers want to customise their vehicle in order to make it more personal and to add their own individuality to the design. Here we will give you some tips on how to customise your Land Rover.

The first thing to note is that Land Rover actually offers a customisation service when you buy a car new directly from them. Here is what you need to know:

1) Size of the wheelbase

The long wheelbase delivers extra rear legroom of 186mm for an extra £30k.

2) Engine filters

There are many different options in this department including 3 litre diesel, 3 litre hybrid diesel, 4.4 litre diesel, 3 litre V6 supercharged petrol and 5 litre V8 supercharged petrol. Which one you choose will have a significant impact on the price, with the larger sized engines commanding a premium, as you would expect.

3) Wheel size

There is significant variation in wheel size offered for different models of Land Rover. For example, the Range Rover Vogue comes with 20″ wheels as standard, while the Range Rover Autobiography comes with slightly larger 21″ wheels.

4) Fixed Panoramic Roof

This covers the front and back seats and allows the sun to shine into all parts of the car. But unlike the moving panoramic roof, you won’t be able to open it when it get’s very hot.

5) Gesture Tailgate

Requires the smartkey to be on you or within 1.2 metres of the vehicle. You make a motion under one of the sensors which are located under the rear bumper, with one on each side. The feature cannot be operated from directly behind the vehicle due to the positions of the sensors. When the sensors recognise the gesture, the indicators flash and the tailgate automatically opens.

6) Rear View Camera System

This could come in handy if you often find yourself reversing into tight spaces, especially given the size of Land Rovers.

7) Keyless Entry

This feature makes entering your car that little bit easier. The key needs to be within 1 metre of the door handle or tailgate release switch to work properly. All you need to do is pull the door handle once and as confirmation that the doors have been opened, the hazard warning lights will flash twice.

8) 360 Park Distance Control

Again, this will help you when parking your land rover through the use of sensors on all sides of the vehicle.

9) InControl TouchPro (10″ TouchScreen)

To control features such as the radio, air conditioning and Satellite Navigation if your model comes equipped with it.

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