Putting Your Land Rover to the Test

Putting Your Land Rover to the Test

The Land Rover is an icon. It is an off-road power vehicle that has been tested in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and fitted with the luxurious interiors discerning drivers have come to expect. However, many drivers will want to know how far they can push their Land Rover before having to call in for 4×4 repairs. There are a few pieces of good advice that you can follow if this is your sort of thing.

Driving on sand or rocks

The Land Rover is built to go off-road, and most sand is firm enough to carry the vehicles. Choose a low gear and, if you have the time to drop into your local auto repair shop, consider lowering the tyre pressure to give you a little more surface area to work with. Avoid lowering it below 15psi. Another great tip is to park on downward slopes wherever you can. This will help you to pull away when moving off again.

Your Land Rover is also the perfect vehicle to tackle rocky terrain. Make sure you keep three wheels on the ground at all times. The best way to approach rocky terrain is to do so at a diagonal. Again it is wise to start on a low gear, because you can always speed up when you have got to grips with your terrain. Land Rover has a useful Terrain Response mode, Rock Crawl, to help you in doing this.

Desert driving

It is wise to set off in a low gear, but Land Rovers can handle higher gears on longer trips – just make sure you are on firm ground. It can be a good idea to drive after a period of rain, when the sand will be firmer. Rainfall overnight often creates especially good conditions – the combined firming effects of dampness in the air and of flowers blooming and holding the ground together can give you the perfect track.

When setting off it is important to plan your route. Longer drives can be a great way to test your vehicle and get the most out of your day – as well as out of the scenery around you. Just be sure that you know how much fuel you have to go on, as well as where your rest stops are. And needless to say, before setting out you will want to check that your oil is at the right level.

Handling tougher conditions

The Land Rover comes into its own in demanding conditions, but if you get stuck in a sandstorm it is wise to turn your car so that the wind is on your back, and turn off the engine. Sitting a sandstorm out is recommended by the carmaker.


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