Tips on choosing a classic car restoration project

Purchasing a classic car as a restoration project is an exciting activity, but it’s important that you choose the right vehicle for your purpose and for your budget.

Here are some top tips on how to make the right choice so that you don’t finish up with a rusting project vehicle that never makes it out of your driveway.

Decide what you want the car for

There are a number of different standards of restoration that you could choose to aim for, and it’s important that you are clear in your mind just what you want the car to be used for when the work is complete. Your desired standard will determine the cost of the restoration project and will also decide on the condition of the vehicle you buy.

Driver restoration is usually performed in order to return the car to a fully operational condition and includes parts replacement and small cosmetic adjustments. You may be able to carry out this work yourself if you are experienced in basic car maintenance.

Street show restoration entails returning the car to full working condition and repairing major cosmetic issues with the body work. This kind of restoration project usually requires professional input.

Show car restoration projects will definitely require professional input in order to return the car to true show condition that will pass muster with professional judges.

Concours is the ultimate level of car restoration. Concours vehicles are generally intended solely for auto shows or will be kept in private collections, rather than being driven on a regular basis. Clearly, if the original car is in poor condition, the expenditure required to bring it up to concours condition will be a major investment.

Set a budget

Before you even start looking at potential project cars, sit down with a pen and paper and a parts catalogue relevant to the model you are considering restoring. Check out the cost of the parts you are likely to need and make sure that the numbers sit well within your budget.

Inspect the car carefully

Before you fall in love with a car, inspect it very carefully from top to bottom, outside and inside. Use a strong torch to check the boot, engine area etc. A detailed inspection will give you a good idea of the extent of repairs that will be necessary to get your project to a roadworthy or concours condition.

Before parting with any cash, ask a car restoration expert from the Dubai garage you’re going to use for the work to check the car over and give you an estimate for the cost of the work that will required to complete the project. Remember to advise your chosen expert of the standard you want the car to achieve when the restoration project has been completed. We can help and be of assistance to you in your project. Call 04-2858989.


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